The Secret $30 Billion

The Secret $30 Billion

McDonald’s, Disneyland, Foster Farms, and the $30B on Wells Fargo’s balance sheet

Would you believe that the happiest place on earth, home to Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy, exists because of life insurance? Animator Walt Disney, whose 1928 Steamboat Willie animated short launched the career of the mouse known around the world, needed a bank loan to finance his dream of opening a theme park. Turned down by his bank for a basic business loan, Disney turned to the accumulated value of a life insurance policy, taking out a policy loan. The proceeds from the policy were used to create the happiest place on earth, Disneyland, California.
In 1930, Max Foster applied the same thinking by using the cash values of his life insurance policy to purchase an 80-acre farm in Modesto, Calif., which would become Foster Farms, one of the largest chicken providers in the United States.
Alot has changed since the days of Walt Disney and Max Foster, one thing hasn’t changed – the favorable tax treatment of life insurance cash accumulation and how it can help people use the strategies that ultra-wealthy people use to create tax-free income.
There’s also a new twist on life insurance – one that allows for market sensitive investing. It allows for investing in the market without taking losses. Zero is your hero. When the market turns down, as it inevitably does, you never lose, period.
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