Life Insurance as an Investment

Life Insurance as an Investment

The most overlooked financial planning instrument in your portfolio

If you are like most successful professionals, over the last 10 years you may have refinanced or purchased a residence or real property, purchased or leased several cars, applied for or changed various credit cards, and perhaps even reinvested your portfolio. Yet most professionals seldom have taken the time to review or “refinance” their life insurance.
While there are many reasons to avoid this product, there is little question that life insurance represents one of the most important financial planning instruments of security for professionals. It assures lifestyles, educations, and retirements, and ultimately provides families with financial stability when an individual dies prematurely.
One of the reasons for the lack of attention these instruments get is a perception that they are static and do not need management. There is also a sense that the analysis has remained outside of the “commoditized” world of the Internet, where virtually every other product could be benchmarked and compared. What should be a rather “simple” analysis or transaction has remained extremely complex.
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