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Thinking you are covered is not
the same as being

Life Insurance Is One Of The Most Important
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Is Your Life Insurance Policy A Ticking Time Bomb?

Is your Life Insurance policy a ticking time bomb?
I’m willing to bet it’s not what you think!

How Much Do You Know about Your Life Insurance Policy?

If you’re like most people, the answer is, “Not Much.” You probably have a policy and know its value, but past that, the majority of us simply have a hard copy sitting in a file cabinet somewhere in our homes.

The harsh reality is that if you purchased your policy 15, 20, 30 or even just 10 short years ago, your coverage may be a ticking time bomb, ready to explode and leave you uninsured when you need it most.


Imagine finding out that the policy you’ve been paying for is destined
to explode- or not be in effect when you most need it?


Significant reductions in interest/dividend crediting result in lower values


Significant reductions in interest/dividend crediting result in lower values


May require higher premiums to assure coverage to specified year/age


May force the policy to lapse sooner if corrective action is not made

We are already seeing major insurance carriers announce increases in the “raw costs” of certain
policies and also some carriers are limiting amounts of insurance they are willing to write.


Over the past couple of years, thousands of universal life policyholders have been informed that their insurers are using the fine print of their policies to increase their long static “premiums”. This could be you!

So, I developed a program called The Life Insurance Audit™.

This program is designed to ensure that every client has the best possible life insurance solution available in the market today. The audit is an OBJECTIVE evaluation of your current policy, including comparisons to today’s marketplace and pricing.

The program provides a consultative review and results in a professional presentation, and an analysis by experienced industry veterans. In light of the above referenced issues, every cash-value or interest/dividend sensitive insurance policy must be evaluated.

A performance review of the existing policy is conducted.

A medical risk assessment of the policy and the client are reviewed and a determination is made as to whether or not there is a potential for improvement.

If improvement is possible, we determine which life insurance companies will provide the improvement.

A review of the current product and planning tactics are used to determine if they are in alignment with the goals and objectives. We ask, “Is there a newer product and/or planning strategy available that enables us to achieve the client’s goals more efficiently?”

An evaluation of the current insurance company’s financial stability and an objective review of the carrier’s financials are provided.

The combination of audit elements is then used to develop a recommendation, to either assure a purchase and maintain the current policy, or move to a more optimal solution.

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