Is It Better to Eat Well or Sleep Well?

Is It Better to Eat Well or Sleep Well?

The real reason insurance still matters is as obvious as it’s ever been

Is it better to eat well or sleep well? Can you do both? It’s an interesting question.
As a financial service professional, I am privy to the financial information of many business owners and professionals. My clients discuss the things that matter most, things they most care about, and the things that keep them up at night, staring at the ceiling at 2 AM -worried with fear.
We all know these issues: they are the things that drive us, that challenge us, what we most fear and care about, things we are scared to death of. Things like “what happens if I get sick,” “can’t meet cash flow,” worries about money, payroll, deadlines, acceptance, our parents, our kids, finances, bills, retirement, marriage, health, etc.
We all want to “live the life” in every way: nice cars, lovely homes, travel, remodel, educations, bar mitzvahs & weddings, tutoring, jewelry, vacations, Maestros dinners, looking good, and keeping up with our peers. The use of social media has furthered these desires, giving the perception of everyone else’s fantastic lives, displayed instantly – causing many people to feel inadequate and giving a sense that everyone is “eating well.” But, are they “sleeping well”?
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