People ask me all the time…

“Marty, what do you do
for a living?”

Let me tell you my story…

Before I entered this business, my future mentor
asked me a question:

“Marty, if you had a machine in your
backyard that made $100 bills, what
type of insurance would you buy on it?”

At the time, I didn’t understand what he was asking.. (But, I liked the idea….)

I did understand the risk of the machine becoming stolen, obsolete or broken. It was a clever metaphor for my future and my future success.

I naively answered I would buy “any and all protection” that would keep that machine generating $100 bills. I was allured
by having a machine like that, but was also intrigued.

section 1 background

Are You A Money Machine?

Well, 30 years later, I understand that every professional and business person is a money machine, for many people: your family, your kids, employees, vendors, retirement, healthcare and your future. Even the IRS is looking for that machine to produce.

I too am a money machine. Without my income things change, for those I care about, those I love and those that depend on me. What happens if something happens to me?

“I Insure Money Machines!”

I sell discounted dollars, called life insurance. An amazingly efficient bet against the inevitable, which I hope you win. But if you lose, I’m there!

I assure lifestyles. If you walk out, I walk in.

“If you already own these products, let’s revisit your plans, If you haven’t yet planned, lets have “The Conversation” about the things that matter most to you.